Visiting Researcher Maria Leikola

mlWe welcome Maria Leikola as our current visiting researcher at the University of West London. Maria is joining us from Aalto University, Finland, where she started her Ph.D. studies this February in the hydrometallurgy and corrosion research group of Professor Mari Lundström, the same group our last visitor from Aalto University, Lotta Rintala, came from.

The aim of Maria’s research is to build a case-based reasoning application for comparing cyanide-free gold leaching methods. She will be working closely with me and my team on this cross-disciplinary subject for the next six months.


Collaboration with University of Reading started

Professor Thomas Roth-Berghofer visited the Big Data Analytics group led by Dr Frederic Stahl at the University of Reading to discuss the Smart University vision. Both are members of the BCS Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence (SGAI) and co-organise the  UK Symposium on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (UKKDD) in March.

Dr Stahl and his group are working with streaming Big Data and the challenges this kind of data present. The Occu-Pi, a Raspberry Pi equipped with a Infrared motion sensor among othersand and developed by the Centre, piqued the interest of staff and students alike. Collecting data with it at both universities could be the next step. A counter visit by Dr Stahl and some of his PhD students is already planned.


Collaboration with Aalto University continues

The Centre has started collaborating with Aalto University a few years back on recommending processes for hydrometallurgical gold ore extraction. The research work resulted in two PhDs, Christian Sauer of this group and Lotta Rintala at the School of Chemical Technology, Aalto University, Finland (see here and here). Lotta’s supervisor, Professor Olof Forsen, retired last year, but his successor, Professor Mari Lundström, shares his interest in collaborating trans-disciplinarily with the Centre. An opportunity for further discussing research plans in person presented itself when professors Lundström and Roth-Berghofer went to two different conferences in Cambridge, England, at the same time. It was agreed continue the exchange of staff and (PhD) students and to develop the recommender system further.

Lotta Rintala awarded Doctor of Technology

Lotta RintalaLotta Rintala visited the Centre as a PhD student of the School of Chemical Technology, Aalto University, Finland. For four months in 2013, she was working with us on how to formally represent cases in her domain using myCBR Workbench, and how to effectively retrieve relevant cases. This interdisciplinary research resulted in several co-authored papers and on 4 December 2015 in her PhD, entitled “Development of a process selection method for gold ores using case-based reasoning”. My team and I congratulate her to her success.

Christian Sauer first PhD completion of the Centre for Intelligent Computing 

Celebrating with friends and colleagues at the Red Lion

Christian Sauer successfully defended his PhD thesis, entitled “Knowledge elicitation and formalisation for context- and explanation-aware computing with case-based reasoning systems” on 12 November 2015. His examiners were Professor Miltos Petridis, University of Brighton, and Associate Professor Jose Abdelnour-Nocera, University of West London. Congratulations!

Welcome, Dr Eduardo Lupiani Ruiz!

IMG_1019 Eduardo Lupiani Ruiz, who visited the Centre last year and worked with us on similarity measures for event sequences, has successfully defended his PhD thesis, entitled “Temporal Case-Base Maintenance”, on 23 October 2014 at the University of Murcia, Spain. He was awarded the PhD with the highest grade and “cum laude”. We congratulate Eduardo and his supervisors, Dr José M. Juárez Herrero and Dr José Tomás Palma Méndez, on this great outcome.

The Doctorate Evaluation Committee comprised five members and was chaired by Prof Roque Marin Morales (in the middle). The other examiners were (from left to right) Dr Manuel Campos Martínez (Universidad de Murcia), Prof María Taboada Iglesias (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela), Prof Thomas Roth-Berghofer (University of West London), and Prof Bertha Guijarro Berdiñas (Universidade da Coruña).

Prof Roth-Berghofer had been invited to give an introductory presentation on case-based reasoning to students of the computer science department. The Centre is seeking further collaboration with the Artificial Intelligence And Knowledge Engineering Group (AIKE) in the future and sees opportunities for addressing explanation-awareness in healthcare projects of the AIKE researchers.

Visiting Researcher Lara Quijano-Sanchez

Lara Quijano-SanchezWe welcome Lara Quijano-Sanchez as our current visiting researcher at the University of West London. Lara is PhD student at the Departamento de Ingeniería del Software e Inteligencia ArtificialFacultad de InformáticaUniversidad Complutense de Madrid. Until the end of August, Lara will be working with us on her phd topic.

Lara is researching on such topics as recommender systems, social networks, social factors, decision support systems, and applied intelligent systems. Her research is focused on the analysis and use of group recommender systems where she has developed several algorithms to reflect accurately argumentations between users in decision-making processes. Currently she is also working in the design of explanations that could help users better understand the recommendations proposed to them — topics we are researching in my research group as well.